Sunday, May 22, 2016

update pt. 1

Hello!! Now as you may have noticed, I took a slight break... Okay, a very long break... but, I'm back now! if you're wondering what this is about It's basically just like a little post to catch you up on my dolls! first: I got 2 new dolls. yay! I will show you pictures of both! Then, along with the picture, will be a caption just like a short little bio. okay time for that.
this is Lucy!
traits: Diva, Slightly Evil, Fashionable, Vain
age: 19
favorite color: fuschia
pets: none (she thinks they are flea infested)
secrets: she is very guilty of how she acts. Someone is bribing
her to be mean to the household. (mysterious :o )
interests:  listening to music, looking in the mirror
full name: Lucy Amelia Carols
short bio: she came from a city in L.A.
she had one sister that lives in san fransisco with her mother.
she moved here because there was an ad for a roommate.
he has trouble with her money and rarely ever pays rent.
she doesn't like cooking.
This is Zeze (nickname, nobody knows real name)
traits: mysterious, shy, responsible
age: 17
pets: none
secrets: she lost most of her family in a earthquake on  there visit
to the space needle.
interests: cleaning, tennis, cooking.
full name: ???
short bio: she was born in a small city in Cumbria, England.
her family was on a trip to Seattle, washington
and visiting the space needle, when out of no where an earthquake
happened! her mother, father, and three sisters were lost
in the accident. she saw an online ad for a roommate who is willing to actaully
pay the rent and now shes living with these girls!

thanks guys! hope you enjoyed this update post
(>^.^)> Ava

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

sorry im being a bit rude

hello, cadence and Devin! i was wondering (since your the only people that look at my blog. btw thank you) if you could say something on your guys blog about me. like a link to MyAGblog. im sorry for asking, its a bit rude. thanks so much! you guys are da bomb.

(>^-^)> Ava

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

morning routine

Today I will show you my new doll's
morning routine!
First, all good things must come to an end, she must wake up.
Then of course, she uses the restroom!
After that, she brushes her teeth. Don't forget toothpaste!
Today she was feeling a bit grungy, so she took a bath. I'm going to do her hair
into a high ponytail as usual.
Eventually she gets out and gets dressed.
unfortunately, she is a wild sleeper. Now she must make her bed
Perfect! Now she can conquer the day!
Hey guys hope you enjoyed this post! By the way, look forward to a craft
on how to make a trophy! Also there will be a photo story about the trophy!


(>^-^)> Ava

Tuesday, July 28, 2015


Here is a little bit about Catherine:

age: 15 (16 in November)
interests: running, any type of sport, gymnastics, and ballet
color: pink and blue
eyes: brown
best friend/friends: Rosie @
pets: sugar (dog)
application: check stand worker
full name: Catherine Mary Jessry
details: Catherine is not doing amazing in school, but exceeds the standards of P.E and other active subjects. She loves taking care of her cousin Bianca and her pet dog. she hangs out on the beach with friends hoping to someday become a professional swimmer. she is saving up her money to move houses, while staying in the same area.
hi! im getting a new doll very soon!!!! I am deciding on the names: Paige, Ivy, Iris, or Brooke.
 please post the best name for her in the comments! Whatever is suggested the most is her new name!!!!!!!!!
this is her!!

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Today I will be showing you how to make doll toilet paper roll! you will need:
   toilet paper
  toilet paper roll
step 1. cut the paperless toilet paper roll in half
step 2. take a seven foot long piece of toilet paper and fold it in half
step 3. roll it up onto the roll and your done!

my dolls 2

here is my other doll Catherine